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Serve Day

Used by permission from Church of the Highlands . . . we saw their
video and loved the idea of serve day.

Nine Things that will make your SERVE Day a success!

  1. Listen actively and openly to those you are serving.
  2. Have a flexible, teachable attitude as you reach out.
  3. Do your best work.
  4. Be sincere and let your genuine concern for other’s well-being show through.
  5. Remain calm if your project goes awry.  You covered this in prayer, right?  All good things work together for those that love the Lord.
  6. The real power in serving is your kindness and interest in their well-being, even more than the action of serving.
  7. Working side by side with someone is one of the best ways to get to know someone and discover the beauty inside them.  Choose to work next to someone that you don't know as well as the others.
  8. Focus on Philippians 1:6
  9. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SERVE Day?

 SERVE Day is a First City Church outreach day designed to bless and show God’s love to our Pensacola community.  It is a fun, inspiring, and life-changing event!  This year, we will be hyper focused on the children in our community and finding tangible ways to serve them that reminds them of the love of Christ through our actions.

 This year, SERVE Day is April 28th.


How do I get involved with SERVE Day?

We highly encourage you to team up with your Small Group.  If you are not a part of a small group, and want to be, then this is a good time to “try them on for size”.  You also have the option of signing up with two open groups.

You will find all of these Small Groups and their projects listed on our app.  We made it so easy, after you choose your group, you can sign up right there on our app!


Who covers the investment of project supplies for your Small Group’s project?

Each Small Group is responsible for all of the supplies associated with their SERVE Day project.


What if I can’t make it SERVE Day, but still want to help?

Download the FCC app and click the Give icon.  Make sure to designate your gift to SERVE Day. 

Or, make checks payable to First City Church and put SERVE Day in the memo.


What should I do the day of the event, April 28th?

  • Start your morning with prayer.  Pray that you and your Small Group will have impact on the people you serve today.
  • Wear your SERVE Day t – shirt.
  • Refer to the communication from your Small Group leader as to logistics on where to meet, what time and what you will be doing.
  • Post to social media with any of the following hashtags:  #servedayfcc #servedaystory #fccloveskids #fcclovespensacola
  • Tell your story of how SERVE Day impacted you at the link provided on our Facebook page.
  • Join us for the Celebration Party afterwards!  We will meet back at the church building at 12:30pm for a free lunch, music and fun!